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Full Body Massage Therapy

We use massage methods to help you relax, feel better and rejuvenate your entire body. Full body massage therapy treatment helps to release chronic tension and/or muscular pain. Massage therapy can also improve the circulation of your blood and increase the flexibility of your joints.

Mind and Body Anti-Stress
60 mins - $60 / 90 mins - $100
This massage uses gentle to medium pressure - promotes relaxation, eases muscle tension and can give you other health benefits - this can enhance your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Deep Tissue Massage
60 mins - $70 / 90 mins - $110
This is a type of massage therapy focusing on realigning the muscles in deeper layers and your connective tissue. This therapy is especially good for chronic tension and areas such as a stiff neck, tightness in the lower back and/or sore shoulders.

Lymphatic Drainage Technique
60 mins - $80 / 90 mins - $120
This technique gives you a deep relaxation and can help to detoxify your body. This is a gentle massage and is supposed to enhance the natural drainage of the lymph tissues using very gentle pressure with circular motions. The natural drainage from the lymphatic system can help with general fatigue, swelling and can help with sinus congestion. This treatment is highly recommended after any facial surgery or general surgery on the body.

Lomi Lomi
60 mins - $80 / 90 mins - $120
This therapeutic massage, inspired by an ancient master healer of Hawaii, is something of a spiritual massage. Lomi Lomi gently soothes muscles with a continuous flowing movement that also calms the mind, senses and gives you nice relaxation.

Stone Fusion
60 mins - $75 / 90 mins - $110
This technique (warm or hot stone massage) includes warm stones placed on your back and spine to soothe muscular tension. Warm stone massage is a very relaxing experience.

Pregnancy Massages
60 mins - $70
The expecting mother can benefit from a soothing massage. This helps to calm aching muscles as we focus on the specific area that needs help to find relaxation.

Sports Massage
60 mins - $70 / 90 mins - $110
A therapeutic sports massage has become an essential part of training and recovery for elite athletes. A sport massage is similar to a deep tissue massage - it focuses on treating soft tissue experiencing pain. This technique can reduce muscle stiffness, improve circulation, and provide a greater sense of relaxation by reducing heart rate and thus blood pressure.

Blended Massage Therapy
60 mins - $80 / 90 mins - $120
The blended massage is a combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue and Sport massage. The goal is relaxation, soothing for sore muscles and increased circulation.

Lower Back Pain (Tension Relief)
30 mins - $40
We use a proven method for relieving back pain. This massage also helps relax the entire body.

30 mins - $40 / 60 mins - $65
This massage technique brings out the connection between certain areas of the feet and the rest of the body. Balanced pressure is applied to the "organ points" on the feet which activates the natural healing process in the body.

Couples Massage
60 mins - $140
Spend time relaxing with someone special.

***All massage treatments include a complementary hot stone, aromatherapy and compress hot towels***


Full Body Massage Therapy
Full Body Massage Therapy
Enhance your health...
and relax.

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